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Cereser Marmi Spa

For over fifty years, CERESER has been a well-established company in the Italian marble industry. Today, the company continues to stand out for its quality and workmanship of natural stone, thanks to continuous investment in researching innovative processes.

In 1965 Gian Luigi Cereser established Cereser Marmi: a small company in the town of Domegliara, near Verona, which specialised in marble products and stone work. The small company grew in just a few years, creating a target market in Germany. In 1978 an expansion was made necessary and the headquarters were transferred to their current location in Rivoli, again in the province of Verona, where the production of finished works continues in the large warehouse of about 2,500 m2 [26,900 sq. ft.].

From 1980 to 1990 the company expanded its production: it started producing finished granite products, although the big change in sales was for granite and marble slabs. The increasing need for space leads the company to the construction of two other buildings, for another 2,500 m2. In the following decade, from 1990 to 2000, the company invested in human resources to widen its market, mainly at the European level. This again created a need for more covered space for the storage of the slabs and their processing: another 4,000 m2 [43,000 sq. ft.] of covered buildings were created.

In 2003 the idea that the slab's warehouses should become mainly showrooms was conceived, in which the materials could be arranged by product category and colour was conceived: the company then decided to buy a building of about 5,000 m2 [54,000 sq. ft.] near the headquarters, used mostly for storing marble, onyx and travertine. In 2005 the company celebrated its 40th anniversary. Its appearance on the US market led to the construction of a new building of approximately 1,000 m2 [10,800 sq. ft.] to display the more exotic and valuable materials.

In 2015, the company celebrated fifty years in business, marking a five-year period characterised by fundamental changes and the introduction of important new features in the production field and in promoting and enhancing natural stone.

At Marmomac 2016, the only app in the world using augmented reality technology in the natural stone industry was presented. In 2018, work started on expanding our production and showroom district, and the MASTER COUNTERTOP collection, dedicated to the kitchen world, was presented.

In 2019, the new showroom was inaugurated, introducing an innovative exhibition concept that places CERESER customers at the centre of attention and every design choice. In the early months of 2020, the new production line was implemented with the first TANGO system by BRETON, specifically designed for CERESER.


The CERESER production and showroom district is a benchmark for the production, marketing and promotion of natural stone. With its unique features, it places visitors, customers and designers at the centre of attention.

La sede di Cereser Marmi


CERESER is a vital and efficient company mainly because of the people who work there, each with his own specialisation. Passion and skill characterise the entire staff of CERESER.

La persone di Cereser Marmi

Work with us

Would you like to join the staff at CERESER? Fill out the form and send us your resume: your request will be evaluated carefully and if there are any opportunities that fit in with your profile, we will contact you.

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CERESER evolves and expands its production and exhibition district, placing its customers at the centre of attention of the new project. The renovated spaces and the expansion of the services are designed to welcome the visitor, the client and the designer in an emotional journey of discovery and the enhancement of natural stone.

La sede di Cereser Marmi

Las Web

The innovative system that tracks each CERESER block or slab: Lasweb consents to know the availability information of stock and tracking of orders in real time. Would you like to try? Sign in with your credentials or register now.



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