Le persone in Cereser Marmi

People at CERESER

Try to imagine what it would be like if CERESER did not have top-level personnel, capable of performing every task in the production cycle at its best and bring the rough natural stone from the quarry to you, cut and finished with great precision.

Can you imagine services as efficient without these extras?

Quality control

Engineers are assigned to monitor quality and select first class natural stones worldwide: they carry out on-site inspections and accept only those blocks that pass the strict quality control parameters to be sent to the company to be cut.

Flawless finishes

The personnel operating the ultimate technological machinery is capable of working on natural stone perfectly, creating flawless finishes and perfectly uniform thicknesses.

Agents on the spot

On site agents, or trusted personnel, are located worldwide and selected precisely because they are able to handle issues and provide assistance in the local language, thus transforming the sales network into flexible and fast consultation services for custom supplies.

Reduced transportation costs

Carriers that work well and in the best conditions, following the coordinated, precise and punctual delivery dispatching: this system ensures minimum resource waste and maximum optimisation of transportation costs, translated into significant savings on shipping costs for orders.

Maximum availability

The entire staff strives to offer superior services based on synergy, to solve emergency situations and to be always available to meet client requirements, big or small, that require quality and flexibility.


The CERESER production and showroom district is a benchmark for the production, marketing and promotion of natural stone. With its unique features, it places visitors, customers and designers at the centre of attention.

La sede di Cereser Marmi

Work with us

Would you like to join the staff at CERESER? Fill out the form and send us your resume: your request will be evaluated carefully and if there are any opportunities that fit in with your profile, we will contact you.

Lavora in cereser Marmi

Las Web

The innovative system that tracks each CERESER block or slab: Lasweb consents to know the availability information of stock and tracking of orders in real time. Would you like to try? Sign in with your credentials or register now.



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