Cereser is not only a representative headquarter, but also a multifunctional centre, where purchasing, selling and delivering are all coordinated in order to respond rapidly to all the requests of marble, granite and natural stones.

On a 15.000 sq covered area is stored the complete array of materials from all over the world: marbles, granites, travertines and onyxes and last, but not least an anthology of samples which forms one of the biggest world collection of natural stones.

In order to allow a punctual delivery all over the world even for the smallest order, Cereser has a very organized deposit which is sorted by colour and place of origin together with a well-organized and programmed logistic.


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Las Web

The innovative system that tracks each CERESER block or slab: Lasweb consents to know the availability information of stock and tracking of orders in real time. Would you like to try? Sign in with your credentials or register now.



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