Gong of light


This ancient Chinese instrument dates back more than 4000 years.
It was a source of inspiration for architect Canale in expressing his creativity in the context of the New Marble Generation exhibition.
Collaboration with Domenico Cereser continued, with the company providing the designer one of the noblest and most exclusive materials in its production – White Diamond – in order to enhance its characteristics of translucency and versatility.

The linear, essential outlines of the gong designed by Canale creates synergies between CERESER natural stones and FOLIO PANEL technology, a leading company based in Brescia in the production of LED technology lighting panels.

Gong is a furniture item, a maxi-lamp capable of generating harmonies and modulations with light; it is ideal widespread use in hotel lobbies and large foyers as a way of delineating reception areas or illuminated courses.

This project, as in the past for others designed by Canale, once again reflects a desire to pay homage to his hometown Verona, where even today this ancient instrument announces that the opera is about to start to the audience in the Arena. 

By Cereser
Design Giorgio Canale
Led Folio panel - Cifralluminio
Metal structure T.L.C. Carpenteria Metallica
Material White Diamond 
Location MARMOMACC - Hall 1 / The Italian Stone Theatre
Exhibition New Marble Generation 

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